3 Blogging Power Couples Who Will Help You Grow Your Business

3 blogging power couplesMaybe it’s because of the situation I’m in, but I love it when I find out about husband and wife blogging teams. It’s encouraging to know there are other couples out there doing the blogging thing and making it work.

There are lots of DIY / home improvement blogging couples who do amazing work together, but it’s especially interesting when I find a blogging couple where at least one of them blogs about the inner workings of their business– real numbers, strategies, and technical info that I can then take and apply to my wife’s blog.

Everyone on this list is miles ahead of me in terms of their blog and business. That’s a good thing for me. I need to seek out others who are currently where I want to go.

Well not to delay it any longer, here are  the three blogging couples that I have learned the most from…

Jeff & Mandy Rose

I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff (like real world physical meet space) last summer when his family was in Pittsburgh visiting one of Mandy’s blogging friends. Mandy knew my wife Abby and invited our family to spend the day with them at the Pittsburgh Zoo. I connected with Jeff over my past and his current financial advisor career. At that point blogging wasn’t very much on my radar or I’m sure the conversation would’ve been much different!

With many blogging couples, the husband rides in on the wife’s coattails and takes over the technical and business aspect of an already successful blog (that’s me!) without ever having built an audience themselves. This is not the case with Jeff. He runs a wildly popular personal finance blog and is frequently called on to give presentations at some of the biggest blogging conferences across the country. His wife Mandy has a beautiful mom / home decor blog, and together they write a third blog, Dollars and Roses, which includes income reports and detailed blogging “how-to” type articles.

What I’ve learned From Jeff and Mandy

Jeff and Mandy are masters at personal branding. Let’s face it, it’s easier to connect with people than companies or even brands. We are human and we respond best to people; their faces and stories. People talk a lot about branding but Mandy and Jeff are their respective brands.

I’ve heard advice before that goes something like this; “take yourself out of your business. A future sale is easier if you are not so connected to your business. A domain name with your personal name is a bad idea. Blah, blah…” I don’t buy it at all. I like to follow people. I pay attention to what people are doing. I don’t care at all about big corporate brands.

Mandy and Jeff understand this. Take a look at the landing pages of their respective sites:

house of rose blog screenshotvia

good financial cents screenshotvia

dollars and roses screenshotvia

After you read their blogs, listen to their podcast, and watch a few of their videos you feel like you know them. Trust me, this isn’t easy to achieve. It takes putting yourself out there and being vulnerable to the internet world. It’s not for the faint of heart and may not be for everyone, but if you can pull it off, personal branding can pay dividends for your business.

Bjork & Lindsay

Lindsay is the talented blogger behind Pinch of Yum. I seriously can’t get enough of the amazing food photography on that site. It’s just absolutely gorgeous! Unfortunately I don’t know how to cook anything besides eggs and bacon so all I get to do is look at the pictures. I also appreciate their full transparency with their detailed income reports. Lindsay also just took the plunge into full-time blogging. You don’t want to miss her post all about it.

bjork and lindsay headshotvia

Bjork is the behind the scenes technical guru and strategist who writes for Food Blogger Pro, a membership site for food bloggers. While I’m clearly not a food blogger, his content is useful for many niches. He makes the technical challenges of running a large blog seem manageable.  Bjork also blogs about various monetization strategies that he and Lindsay use on Pinch of Yum. If you want to learn about ad networks, affiliate income, and your own product sales, you don’t want to miss the Food Blogger Pro blog.

What I’ve Learned From Bjork and Lindsay

Sometimes it’s easy to get into the 100% creative mode and ignore the business opportunities that exist in a growing blog. Fortunately Bjork doesn’t overlook any opportunity. If you can make a few dollars from from 15 different channels it can certainly add up. In the case of Pinch Of Yum it has added up to more than just a few dollars. Take a look at all their revenue streams in their latest income report. Abby and I are trying to incorporate as many revenue streams into her blog as possible.

Bjork and Lindsay have also taught me that design and photography matter. We live in a visual world. People have first impressions (right or wrong) based on the visual appearance of your blog or website. Pinch of Yum and Food Blogger Pro nail the design and photography on both of their sites. Lindsay even wrote an eBook on food photography.

Jason & Lisa Leake

My mother-in-law discovered 100 Days of Real Food this past year and has completely changed her eating habits because of it. Lisa’s site has a massive audience with 1.3 million Facebook fans and millions of visitors to their site every month. I can’t even comprehend those numbers!

For that reason I’m thankful Lisa’s husband Jason started Pro Blog School. I’m learning a lot from him on how he manages advertising for 100 Days of Real Food. Jason was also recently featured on a Microblogger Podcast. Even the interviewer seems speechless when hearing some of the metrics associated with Jason & Lisa’s blog.

jason and lisa leakevia

What I’ve Learned From Jason & Lisa

I recently watched a webinar hosted by Jason Leake and he went into some detail about his ad network earnings. He also wrote a detailed post on Pro Blog School about how they make money from 100 Days of Real Food. He mentions that they make 55% of their blog income from ad networks! This is a complicated subject with lots of differing opinions but I trust Jason’s success and experience. He manages his various ad networks through an ad server which allows ads to compete on price for space on his blog. Wow! This is something I need to do for Abby’s blog. Jason has mentioned that after he started using an ad server and premium ad networks, his revenue really jumped.

I know there are thousands of successful blogging couples out there. Who else should I be following? Let me know in the comments.

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  • http://problogschool.com/ Jason Leake

    Hey Donnie, thanks for the mention. Early on we were inspired by John and Sherry of Young House Love…they have some good info here http://www.younghouselove.com/photo-gallery-2/about-2/blogging-faqs/.

    • http://donnielaw.com/ Donnie Law

      My wife is a huge fan of John and Sherry! Thanks for stopping by Jason.

  • http://brilliantbusinessmoms.com Sarah & Beth Anne

    Love this post, Donnie! I’m familiar with Jeff and Mandy Rose and also Jason and Lisa, but Bjork and Lindsay are brand new to me. Our house certainly isn’t a blogging couple yet, but Chris has really been getting into this podcasting stuff. He listened to Sarah and mine’s intro and gave tons of great, constructive feedback. (Bad news for me is that he’s already comparing us to Pat Flynn – yikes! I can’t compete with that!) He’s also been helping me brainstorm marketing and social media ideas. One day I think he’ll come over to this side of things!

    Also, I love your screen shots of Jeff and Mandy’s websites. I actually just saw on their most recent income report that adding those feature boxes at the tops of the websites with a clear call to subscribe and get some amazing, free content has dramatically increased their email leads. (At some point, I’m going to redesign our new site to utilize a feature box at the top in a similar way.)

    Thanks again for a great post, Donnie!

    ~ Beth Anne

    • http://donnielaw.com/ Donnie Law

      Thanks Beth Anne! Abby and I listened to your first podcast episode last night. Great job!

  • http://www.MastermindFinder.com/ Julia

    I love this post Donnie – it’s so great to see other couples working on their blogs together!

    We’re a bit of a blogging couple too – my husband is the “talent” behind http://www.ABarAbove.com and I’m the one who runs the business, website, etc. (A bit of a role reversal from the norm, but it works for us!) I think the challenges of building a business together have absolutely brought us closer together as a couple.

    I have a few of my own projects up my sleeve, hopefully someday we’ll be successful enough to be on a list like this! :)

    • http://donnielaw.com/ Donnie Law

      I agree that building a business together is challenging but it does bring you closer together as a couple. Thanks for reading Julia!

  • jjeffrose

    Thanks for including us @donnielaw:disqus!

    • http://donnielaw.com/ Donnie Law

      No problem Jeff. You and Mandy are an inspiration.

  • http://www.bosorganization.com Deron@Bos Organization

    Hey Donnie — Pat Flynn just released a great SPI episode this morning profiling another power couple that are two years in and made $140,000 in July. Very inspiring and charming episode, they are both running their own sites based on their education/coaching niches and they just started their own run you own on-line business site too. Check it out: http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/teachers-online-business-shane-jocelyn-sams

    • http://donnielaw.com/ Donnie Law

      It’s funny you mention that Deron… I was just telling Abby about the episode today! Good stuff as usual form Pat.